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Departments and Offices

  • Disaster Prevention Section

    is in charge of the planning and execution of fire safety equipment examination (inspection); the handling of Fire Control Law violation cases; disaster prevention education and promotion; the safety management and inspection of hazardous objects and inflammable pressurized gases.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext420~428

  • Disaster Rescue Section

    is in charge of the planning and execution of disaster rescue operations; the preparation and application of disaster rescue equipment, and firefighting water sources; and the organization, training, management, and utilization of volunteer firefighters.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext500~505

  • Disaster Management Section

    is in charge of the planning, promotion, management, and assessment of regional disaster prevention plans, establishment and amendment of disaster rescue systems, disaster and rescue drills, disaster check and notification, disaster mutual support and agreement, disaster response center planning and operations, disaster prevention resource integration and application, and other matters.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext430~436

  • Training and Education Section

    is in charge of the preparation, planning, and execution of textbooks and teaching for the fire fighter education and training programs and fire control education and training courses.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext450~453

  • Fire Investigation Section

    is in charge of the investigation, inspection, statistic, analysis for the cause of fire and the issue of fire certification.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext460~463

  • Emergency and Rescue Section

    is in charge of the planning, supervision, and execution of emergency medical systems, emergency medical treatment techniques, and emergency medical duty (operations); the communication and coordination of health and medical institutions.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext440~443

  • General Affairs Section

    is in charge of the management of official research and examinations, documents, public relations, legislation, chops , vehicle administration, purchasing, disbursement, finance, and operation matters.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext400~410

  • Emergency Service Dispatch Section

    is in charge of the planning, direction, allocation, supervision, and evaluation of 119 emergency call processing and fire station duty schedules arrangement; the statistic analysis of disaster and emergency rescue , and the processing of information matters.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext350~356

  • Personnel Section

    is in charge of organization structure planning; personnel employment, dismissal, transfer, and allocation matters; duty management; training and further education matters; Performance evaluation for reward and punishment; retirement, pension, insurance, and other welfare matters.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext470~472

  • Accounting Section

    is in charge of annual bookkeeping, accounting, and statistics processing matters.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext480~482

  • Civil Service Ethics Section

    is in charge of the planning, supervision, execution , acceptance, processing, and investigation of justice cases.
    TEL:886-3-5229508 ext490~491