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Emergency Services

Call Acceptance Essentials :
I.Who are eligible for assistance of the 119 Emergency Call?

Disaster or accident victims requiring urgent medical assistance.

Persons injured in a fall and unable to move on their own.

Pregnant women in labor.

Other injured or ill individuals requiring urgent medical assistance.

II.How to call for help.

We understand the anxiety of the caller; however, a caller should keep calm when making a call. When taking a 119 call, it is necessary to make sure that ambulance and paramedics are accurately and quickly dispatched to the place of emergency, so patient or injured party may receive the best emergency assistance. The 119 dispatcher will ask for the location and condition of the patient or injured person, the number of persons needing medical attention, the conditions in the site of emergency, as well as the name and telephone number of the caller. Answering these questions calmly and directly is the best way to protect the life and safety of the person(s) needing medical attention.

III.The 119 emergency service dispatch div has five senior nurses who are fully experienced in emergency clinical treatment providing 24-hour medical information and consultation services at the (03) 5283119 service number.