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Serving the People

  • Our Visions
I.Over all Implementation of Firefighting Certificate System in Primary Schools
  1. Hold large-scale all-the-people firefighting certificate experience activities in firefighting.
  2. Implement the 4th grade firefighting certificate experience activities in coordination with school lives.
  3. Push ahead with 4th grade firefighting certificate experience activities in combination with the firefighting museum.
II.Zero Fatality in Fire Accident and Zero Missing in Secure
  1. The time for out on duty of rescue and first-aid should be controlled within 55s in daytime and 70s in nighttime.
  2. Shorten the time for rescue by enhancing the rescue facilities e.g. external power recharge for vanguard firefighting trucks and rapid wiring racks in combination with the instant image transmission system on the accident site.
  3. Make overall assessment on the skills for firefighters to rescue and supervise the rescue measures as employed.
III.Strengthen All-in-one Professional Firefighting Training in respect of Firefighting, Volunteer Firefighter and Chemical Hazard Prevention
  1. Assign the instructors to go abroad for advanced training on disaster rescue and complete the chemical accident rescue training for firefighters in overall way.
  2. Hold volunteer firefighting instructor training and volunteer firefighting simulation fire site certification training.
  3. Select volunteer firefighters for nationwide volunteer firefighting contest and strive for the best outcomes.